ECHO::Canyon v1.0 was premiered last week at the 4/25/2013 “Music & Games” concert @ccrma.  With amazing custom visuals, modeling and rigging by Chris Platz, this environment led us in a whole new direction for interactive musical sonification and procedural music with UDKOSC.

The piece and entire concert are archived up on UStream thanks to Dave Kerr:  (ECHO::Canyon is the first piece of the stream).

Here’s a screen-grab of the player “Valkordia” character, floating out by the edge of the environment.

ECHO::Canyon - From the edge

The basic mappings used in this piece focused around flight, and the motion of our main player character in relation to constructs in the environment.

  • The blue crystals visible above were represented by dynamic shifting synths, with their amplitude keyed to the player’s respective distance to each.
  • Directional ray traces, fired directly down, left and right from the player, produced a “screetching” feedback wail driven by the players height  and peripheral distance to solid-body objects in the environment.
  • Flocks of OSC-controlled pawn and AI Valkordia characters were represented with banks of oscillators, with pitch mapped to their absolute z/height in the enviroment.

One of the most exciting parts of this piece has been the introduction of OSC control over the player, camera and pawn entities, allowing us to “compose” gestures and sequences of actions in a dynamic fashion. Using our new OSCControl scripting app, repeatable gestures (timed sequences of player, camera and engine commands) can be created. And when control is handed over to a dynamic system, like our custom control ChucK or Supercollider scripts, things really start to get interesting.

All in all, the first launch of ECHO::Canyon was great, and with many iterations to come, we’re really looking forward to the next presentation.

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