Sonifying UDK Skeletal Mesh Components with UDKOSC and Supercollider


We’ve touched on many many fairly complicated aspects of UDK, UDKOSC, Open Sound Control and SuperCollider usage here and left many many unanswered questions. And that’s ok. Stringing together systems like this can seem overwhelming at first but in the end, each individual process really isn’t that complicated on its own.

Musically, ECHO::Canyon is still evolving and drastic changes are afoot even as we speak… err… type. Check out a full demo fly-through of our current (as of 9/2013) working environment below. And for more information about the piece, UDKOSC or our ongoing research into Music in Virtual Worlds, check out these project links, or feel free to post any questions below.

Full ECHO::Canyon demo fly-through

Here’s a fun (but long) demonstration fly-through video of an early version of our ECHO::Canyon performance environment. The posing state and manual wing articulations are used in a few places, as well as musical sonification of many other in-game parameters.



UDKOSC Development Wiki:
UDKOSC github repository:

Rob Hamilton – Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics:

mvw blog:

Related Research:

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